My Boys

My three boys are the silliest, smartest, handsomest  boys ever! Course most moms feel that way! They are each their own individual unique selves but still so much alike! I guess I need to edit this... we now have 4 (that's right... I said 4) boys! August of 2012 God blessed us with another precious little guy we named Case Matthew!

ok... this is old but super sweet!

this is a little more recent!

 These boys are super smitten with this little guy! He was pretty sick when he was first born so Kaden couldn't see him until he was 7 days old and that was through a window. Once he was home though, he would've held him all day every day! Love that he loves being a big brother!
 Christian got to meet him on about day 5, he was smiling ear to ear! I think it was love at first sight and will be that way always! Christian even changes this kids diaper... says a lot about unconditional love and devotion! I have no doubt that Case will follow this big brother where ever Christian asked him to go!

Ryan got to meet Case first, he was the only old enough to get to go into the NICU. Of course he didnt get to hold him but the minute he laid eyes on him he was overcome with emotion at how tiny and fragile he looked. Ironically my first born and my last born both spent time in the NICU. I wish this kid lived closer so that he could spend more time with all 3 of his little brothers!

First born is Ryan. He lives on his own. Its still weird for me to say that. He got his GED when he was 18 and is still trying to figure out who he is! He's very special to me... I waited my whole life to be a momma and couldn't have been more proud when this one came into my world!

Next is my sweet boy Christian. The middle one but never far from my heart! I adore this kid. He's still not too old to hug me or give me a kiss, even in front of his friends. We are super busy with this one, he's a drummer in the high school band and we do our best to be at every thing he does!

And almost last but not least is my sweet baby boy Kaden, (who by the way is no where near a baby anymore!) This munchkin is forever my cuddle buddy. Couldn't imagine life with out him! I love love love this smart talkative kid! He never meets a stranger and always has a story to tell!

And now for the icing on our cake... Case! I love this sweet precious boy. I waited for this little guy for 9 years! I always knew I wasn't done having babies and this was God's answer to those prayers. There's not much that I didn't go through to get him and I wouldn't change a thing. This little boy was meant for me and his daddy!