Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Respite Care Adventures

So we recently completed our fourth respite care adventure. Although we've done it 4 times its been for the same 2 foster families. Each time has had unique trials and circumstances but at the same time was lots of fun. I enjoyed fixing their hair and all the dress up that they would endure! 

Our first adventure was with 2 little girls we had never met before. I'll just call them J and M. J is 3 almost 4 and M is 2 almost 3. Both super sweet little girls and both have probably seen way more then they should have at their ages. J was pretty sassy and her and Case butted heads a few times. It became pretty apparent that he's a little selfish. (course he's never had to share us or his toys so its somewhat understandable!) M was sweet and loving and repeated everything, I mean everything that J said. The first night was little traumatic as it cemented to them that they were stuck with us for at least the night. They slept ok, M woke up a few times but always fell back asleep right away. Foster Mom (FM M) didn't check on the girls at all which was a little weird for me, but maybe I am the weird one! They girls called us mom and dad but still continued to ask for FM M. I can only imagine how very confusing it must be at their age. They were with us for 2 nights and it was all in all a very successful first venture. 

Our second adventure was with a little girl we know from Church and it was a great weekend. She was well behaved and lots of fun. B was 2 at the time and she loves both Case and Kaden as well as Chris and myself. She struggled with calling us mom and dad and I guess that's fairly normal considering her age and confusion of why she was at our house. Foster Mom (FM E) was great, she checked on her regularly and prepared B for staying with us. It was a pleasure having her.

Our third time was with J and M again, this time for 3 nights. It was easier but harder at the same time. M had some issues with diarrhea so daycare wouldn't keep her which threw the biggest wrench ever in my work schedule but her High Sky worker was awesome and helped out. J was more difficult this time around and I can only attribute it to that she knew us a little better. Case was much more at ease with them, still a little selfish but mostly good. FM M still didn't check on them but did text after wards to tell me she changed daycare and to say thank you. 

Our last and most recent( this last weekend) took an interesting turn on the day we were supposed to get B. Keep in mind, I am friends with FM E so its always easier just simply because I know the family. FM E called me because they were unexpectedly getting a new placement that day. A 6 month old girl who would also need care for the 3 nights that we were going to have B. I immediately said yes, how could I not!? The girls got to our house, and it was much easier than I anticipated. B was pretty well behaved, the only complaint, if I were to have one, would be that her attention span is very small and she therefor requires a lot more entertaining. But hey, she just turned 3 so its expected. She is the sweetest and we just love her. So Baby T, my oh my, I may have fallen pretty hard for her. The only thing I can think of is because in my head she didn't really belong to anyone. Okay that sounds bad but J and M were FM M's foster daughters and B is clearly FM E's foster daughter, and I see them like that. But baby T, well I had a hard time seeing her as FM E's foster daughter. Maybe because I never actually saw them together other than the 7-8 minutes that she was dropping her off. Baby T, well,  she just imprinted on my heart. 4 days and 3 nights and I did not want to give her back. But, I did and I know that FM E will love her desperately and she will be in great hands. I know all of that but it didn't make it any easier. NOT AT ALL. 

I will say that this week in particular has been a hard one, Case turned 5 yesterday, and he starts kinder next week so if you add all of these things together, it would make sense that I've been a giant hot mess! the good news is that it can only go up from here!

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