Thursday, December 1, 2016

It's December First Y'al

Seriously, it's December 1st. I can't even wrap my brain around how quickly October and November flew by. But having said that I LOVE December and Christmas time. I also love Thanksgiving and Black Friday Shopping. Not sure though if I am super happy about turning 44 this month... thankfully I don't feel that old most days...

My sister and I have been black Friday shopping since she was pregnant with Ez who is now 17. There have been a few years when we were not in the same place physically and even financially but for the most part, its been our thing. In the last few years some our older kids have joined in and that's been fun. Ezrah has gone the last 2 years and she is hysterical when she's tired. Oh how I love this girl. We always get great deals but the sister\aunt  mother\daughter time is awesome. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Christian has gone a few times and he's always entertaining as well! I guess there are some perks to our kids growing up. Except Ez did take every opportunity to point out she will be in college next year. What a brat! 

Last year I was frantically planning for a week long trip to San Diego with my crew. This year we are staying home and it's a little sad but I hope to make it memorable for them. Case will be a lot of fun, he is asking tons of questions about our elf "Trigger" and if he is real and if he really talks to Santa. He has crazy list of presents. Thankfully the older boys do not! I am looking forward to a more laid back time this year, just enjoying our kids and the looks on their faces with each present. Man I love this time of year!

I am just so thankful for my little family. I adore being a mom and a wife, definitely my calling. God has blessed Chris and I tremendously and I hope that I don't ever forget that.