Friday, July 8, 2016


Praying seems like such an easy thing to do, its just saying words either in your head or out-loud to God. Simple. But its not. Not for me anyway. I don't know if it's my ADD brain or my overactive imagination or just my inability to focus on one thing. Prayer for me is hard. I lose my train of thought, I fall asleep and to be honest sometimes I just don't know what to say. My grandmother was a serious prayer warrior. I knew that she prayed for me everyday if not more. I knew she was the kinda prayer warrior that woke up in the middle of the night with something on her heart and she would pray for hours. I'm not like that, but oh how I wish I were. 

We pray with Case every night and he and I also pray on the way to day care every morning. I occasionally forget, like this morning when we pulled up I realized that I had forgotten. So being the good momma that I am, I hastily said a prayer and had Case repeat it. I took him in, kissed him by and was off to work, running late as usual. 

On my way to work, I remembered that Chris was going in this morning to sign papers on a job offer that he got on Tuesday. This is big news as he's been unemployed for a couple weeks now. Long story, but the company he worked for was sold and he wasn't asked to stay on. (none of the local employees were) This was a major shift for us, Chris loved this job and he was happy there. Learning that it was ending has had a pretty major impact on our life. Not to mention the unemployed thing. So a job offer was big.

Here's the deal though, something hasn't felt right to me since the offer. I wasn't quite sure what it was but I think it was because I knew he would hate it, this job wasn't something that he liked and the pay cut was pretty significant. The pay wasn't really the issue. I know Chris, and he would be miserable and lots of times those feeling are hard to shake when you walk out the door. I was worried for him and how it could affect our family. I've casually brought it up, just asked if he was sure and pointed out he would probably not like it.  I certainly didn't know if it was right for me to say... "don't take it." First off I know that he as a man needs a job and he needs to feel like he is taking care of his family. Which he does. He takes great care of us. He always finds a way to make us secure. So, I was really struggling with this feeling and how to deal. (silly me, prayer hadn't occurred to me!)

So back to my original story... It takes about 3-5 minutes to get from day care to my job. About a minute form work, I added a quick "God, I know you have a plan, but please if this job offer is not your plan, please let something happen so we will know that." That quick and only those words. I pulled into the office and didn't think about it again.

Until Chris called to tell me that as he was pulling into the parking lot to go inside to fill out papers he got a call from another company. They were calling with an offer. Better pay and more suited to something he would like. Granted it comes with some drawbacks but oh my goodness, I believe with my whole heart its exactly what I asked for. God made something happen. 

Prayer works ya'll. Even 15 second prayers said while driving down the road.