Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I read something today that brought me to tears. We have 18 summers with our kids. Some a little more but they're ours for 18 summers. Ryan and Christian have already moved past that. Kaden has 5 more.  Case, (oh, thank you Jesus) has 15. I can't even imagine what I will do with myself when I don't my children at home. 

This summer is already so full. Kaden is with his grandfather this week, he will be home for 2, 1 of which I will be gone, then he's off to church camp for a week. He will be home for another 2 weeks and then he's gone for 2 at band camp. That will be the longest he's ever been away from us and to say that I am nervous would be an understatement. I am over the moon excited for him but not sure I am ready for him to be away that long. When he does get back, summer band starts soon after. His summers are going to fly by.

I am hopeful that we will get to go to Disney for his Case's 4th birthday. I have a conference the week after in Orlando and if all things go as planned he will go with me! 

I hope that we have done a great job of making great summer memories with these boys and that we will have stories to tell for many years after. 

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