Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just Blah...

Heads up... this may be a little tmi post for some of you...

I've been dealing with some serious GI problems the past couple of months and I am completely over it. I finally say my general Dr and he prescribed some meds for IBS and Acid Re-flux. He also referred me to a GI Dr. 

I went, wasn't super impressed but (insert shoulder shrug her) what can I do? She took me off the IBS medicine which is for spasms... (didn't even know I was having spasms!) Kept me on the acid re-flux med. She also scheduled me for an endoscopy in July. Not excited about that at all. not. at. all. 

I have tried a ton of different things from cutting out things from my diet and even drinking more water. Which frankly has been alot easier because of this.
This bottle seriously keeps my water cold. Which is huge, I can drink cold water but not a big fan of semi cold or room temp water. So thank you Sip by S'well. You are awesome! OK, back to the things I have been trying. I cut out sugar substitute, Dr. Pepper, and dairy. Other things too... just can't remember them all. I'm not a big salt eater, I use it but not in excess. I don't even drink that much Dr. Pepper. I am more of an unsweet tea kinda girl. Anyways, nothing has worked. I don't know if its acid reflux or even IBS but I do know that I am just plain over feeling like this. I am not a fan of bloat, water retention and swelling nor heartburn. Although, the heartburn isn't there all the time. Oh and I forgot to mention the burping. I have burped more in the last few months than ever in my whole life. Its ridiculous. 

So if you've made it this far, keep me in your prayers. This feeling is rough and I am just over it!

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