Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Fri-yay

I couldn't be happier that today is Friday, although having said that I've been in a pretty crummy mood most of the day. I'm not generally a facebook ranty person but I came really close today. Chik-fil-a was not on their game and it just struck me really wrong and I've had a hard time letting go... anyways, moving on!

It was a rather crazy week, between a long weekend, overnight meeting in Houston and physical therapy, I'm pretty exhausted emotionally and physically. It's all good. I think I am happiest when I am busy. It gives me less time to think about things which may or may not be a good thing. I'm working on praying a lot more, so some days its hard to find time when I can focus just on the words I want to say to him. Thankfully he hears me even if its rushed and sometimes scattered all over my messy brain. Speaking of messy brain, I dreamed last night I was having brain surgery and there were people all over the operating room, and they let me up to go to the bathroom right in the middle of getting prepped.  Super weird. 

I recently heard some exciting news, a friend of mine who is also heart deep into the orphan\foster\adopt feelings is planning to go to an informational meeting. This is huge for her and her husband as it will allow them to really look into whats best for them and their sweet little family. I am so pleased for her and I know that she is too. I know God is at work! I've read so many things on fostering and adoption, and about 80% of the time one parent is on the fence while the other is ready to jump in with both feet. I would say to anyone who asks that an informational meeting is just that, information. A place to ask questions and learn about the process. If your heart is in it even a little bit I would urge to at least check out an informational meeting

 Something that I haven't mentioned before is respite care. From what I understand is that respite care providers take over for foster parents when they need to be gone for more than a few hours. This is actually something Chris had said he would be interested in doing. I guess I need to look into it again. 

Today is the last day of school for Kaden. He will officially be an 8th grader in the fall. eek is all I can say about that. Yay for official Summertime. 

I'll leave you on this note... a very cute one for sure.This is what summertime looks like at our house!

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