Friday, May 27, 2016

4 Day Weekend and Foster Care Awareness Month End

A 4 day weekend is in my future and I couldn't be more excited... well except for the part about starting physical therapy for my old lady knees. Cause who in their right mind would be excited about that. Well I guess I should be thankful for pt over surgery. Been there, done that and frankly that was not fun. not in the least. 

I have 2 nieces graduating this month. *imagine big wide eyes emoji here* What the What. For Real. I keep thinking about how proud my brother would be seeing his beloved baby girl walking across the stage. Cue the tears because well who am I kidding. I AM A CRY BABY. Anyone who knows me already knows that and well if you don't know me... you're missing out cause I am pretty cool. Both of these girls have grown into pretty awesome young ladies and I can't wait to celebrate them!

May 31st marks the end of Foster Care Awareness Month. I probably share way to many posts and way to much with anyone who will listen about how this makes me feel. I am so sad for these kids who don't have families. Many of these kids will also graduate in the coming days. How heartbreaking that they may not have anyone in the audience to yell and scream for them or to be proud of them. The one's who don't have parents to whisk them off to college in a few months. Statistics show that many of them will not go to college and many of them will end up with children who will also need foster care. WHY? Because they were never really taught how to love much less be loved. This world needs foster parents and adoptive parents to love and care for these kids SO SO BADLY. If I can reach just one person that is willing to step out of their comfort zone and help a child in need then it will be worth it, even if has meant losing friends on fb or them unfollowing me. So what. I unfollow people regularly! So there! Facebook seems to be a great avenue to shout to the rooftops this giant need. Lord knows there is enough political and craziness to go around already. Might as well add some realness too. 

I find that I've found a renewed love for blogging. Maybe because I've needed an outlet for a while and just resisted the urge to spit it out somehow, especially this insane pull on my heart. Sometimes I can't even find the words to talk to God about how I feel. Thankfully he already knows. I wish it were that simple in other relationships. God listening. He knows. He's even recently brought a new friend into my life that is also feeling the tug. Maybe together we do great things. Even if it just means supporting each other in what God has in store for us. I'll just leave it with this. Cause just wow. Perfectly said. Lauren Daigle- Trust in you. 

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