Friday, March 7, 2014

Where in the heck did February go??

How in the heck did it get to be the end of the first week of March??? I guess because last week and this week have been a blur. Let me see... oh yeah... the last weekend of February I spent working on the house, then last week I had a sick kid, a realtor visit and then a women's retreat. This week I spent 2 days away in Houston for work. Geez, I am tired just typing it all out! So yeah I guess that explains it!

I mentioned a realtor, she came by last week on Wednesday. I think it went well, she told me a few things we need to fix but all in all it looks like our house will sell for enough to have a down payment for a bigger better house. I can honestly say this excites me! I am excited about a bigger house but more than that I am excited for a new place to make great memories with my family. We've been through some pretty awful things in this house and it would be nice to start again. Don't get me wrong this has been a great house, lots of wonderful memories too. We've never really had any major issues or problems so it wont be awful if we can't sell it but it sure would be fun to have more room! Plus a nice backyard with places for my little guy to explore!

Well, Case is officially off of milk. This kid can't seem to get well so we are trying something new. Dr T thinks dairy is the culprit so we will just have to see. I never knew how much stuff has milk in it til I had to start reading labels to find out. This is definitely going to be work. But this face is worth it!

Here's to a new month, new things to get busy doing and celebrating my sweet grandmother's 95th birthday! 

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