Friday, February 21, 2014

A weekly wrap-up

So this week was rather busy... first off it was a 4 day work week as I had Monday off. The beautiful thing being the boys had school and I took little man to daycare! I know, I know it could've been quality time with them but truthfully I had a lot to do for a consignment sale I am taking part in! There's no way I would've gotten anything done with my boys home!

So Christian had a follow-up at the Pedi Cardiac doctor. No change, he still has a leaky valve but shouldn't suffer any consequences for it. He does need to take his allergy meds regularly... CHRISTIAN, pay attention if you are reading this!!!

Case had his first appointment with the allergist. I expected it to be pretty rough and it was. Poor sweet boy was not friends with his nurse once she was done. Thank goodness for iPhone, you tube and a little boy fascination with fire trucks. I was able to distract him for the 10 minute wait. The bad news is he is allergic to peanuts and some outdoor molds. Hopefully with regular allergy medication we will be on to new and better things!

All in all Kaden had a pretty good week! He is currently a avid collector of all things bey-blades. I don't get it, its just a glorified top but whatever makes him happy. It must be a boy thing. All of his friends are also into them too!

I called a Realtor and officially have an appointment next week to see what our house is worth and whether or not it will be beneficial for us to sell. So here's hoping for good news. Lord knows we did not get good news with our taxes.

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