Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tax Season and a New House?

Tax season is here. A couple years ago that was something I didn't mind or didn't worry about... I don't really guess I am worried about it now, it's just different since Chris started consulting. I think I just always knew that we would get a refund and now its questionable. But it is what it is. Moving on!

The good news is that I think that I have finally convinced my hubs that we should get a bigger, better, newer house! Woo Hoo! So so so excited. Our house has been a good house. It was the perfect house for when we needed it. We bought it from Chris' aunt, it was probably the best first house purchase ever. It was easy, they helped with closing costs and we didn't use a Realtor. So really selling a house and buying a house at the same time will be new to us. 

So how does one even go about getting ready to put a house on the market and looking for a new one. For this girl who is a hoarder keeper of things, de-cluttering is going to suck. Packing will suck, unpacking will suck and so will the actual move. But the upside is a new house that we get to pick based on things that we want. Like... a bigger bathroom, a bigger kitchen, walk-in closets and a fun backyard! 

So, wish us luck, and say a prayer that we find the perfect house, one that we can live in forever!

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