Wednesday, January 22, 2014


So I have a senior in high school this year... I've known that it was coming... I've been dreading that it was coming and now its here. Don't get me wrong I am SUPER proud of Christian, excited to see where this kid is going in his life, but somehow knowing that he is graduating makes the fact that he is growing up ok fine... grown really real! I may have had the first oh my goodness this is happening melt down the other night. The graduation schedule came in the mail and then he brought home the announcement order information stuff. Thankfully the house was pretty quiet so no one actually witnessed the hypothetical meltdown... no witness except for Case that is! I know he won't confirm anything so its safe to say there was no actual meltdown!

It makes a momma's heart proud to look at this kid and know with out a doubt the we've done something good. He's smart, makes good grades, he's handsome, and just an all around good boy. I'm very blessed to have a great relationship with him, and can't wait for our trip to New York this summer. Just he and I. I'm pretty sure we will make our mark on Manhattan!
So, if you see me anytime during the next few months especially in May... and my face is red or puffy, just assume its allergies and not the fact that I am crying because my boy is graduating! Thank goodness for Kaden and Case, I'm certainly not ready to have an empty nest!

Just look at this kid... he's pretty stinkin cute!

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