Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Time is FLYING by!

I can not believe my sweet baby boy is one. Where did this incredibly short year go? Oh my goodness I am so not ready to say this boy is 1. It of course is bittersweet since I love the stage that he is in right now. It is so much fun watching him grow and learn. He is walking everywhere and talking (sign language) and making us laugh daily. Its pretty easy to know when this kid is happy... he immediately gasps when he likes something or is excited!

So I am one of those momma's that gets super excited and into it for birthdays... especially first birthdays! I decided several months ago that I wanted to do a swim party and then in my many searches on Etsy and Pinterest it became clear that a pirate party was the way to go!
Pirate Christian and Captain Case

Super awesome pirate ship watermelon
First off... all pirates need a ship... so my sweet Kaydee (really she is Christians but I can claim her too!) and I built a fabulous pirate ship from cardboard! My mom made absolutely delicious cookies, cupcakes and of course and adorable smash cake too! But then we all know that swimming makes for hungry kids so we also had to have a pirate ship watermelon with lots of other fruits as well as goldfishies too! Anyways... my sweet baby boy had a blast and I think his friends did too. I am so excited for what is to come but sad that he is growing way toooooo fast.

The set-up

The Birthday Boy!

Daddy is really funny!

August is already coming to a close and its becoming clear that not only is my baby 1 but Christian will be a Senior and my little Kaden is not so little anymore as he will be in 5th grade and he is starting football this year. I am super excited about the football part not so much the 5th grade or the Senior part.

Christian gets to paint his Sr parking spot this year... I am kinda excited about that, it will be fun to help him mark his territory for his last year of high school. My how time flies...

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