Thursday, June 27, 2013

Holy Cow... Its summer and Case is 10 months and 3 weeks old!

I  honestly don't know where all my time goes! I feel like we go non-stop and when there are minutes and sometimes an hour or 2 of free time, the only thing I really want to do is spend it hanging with the family! My house, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking and my blog have seriously suffered since welcoming our precious Case! Thankfully Chris and the boys are completely  mostly OK with it! I think as long as I can keep Dr. Pepper, cereal and milk in the house they wont rebel!

So... summer is here and we have been on several adventures already... at least some of us have! We haven't yet taken a real family vacation but it is on the calendar and the plans are in motion! Yay!

Kaden turned 10 last month and his Grandmommy took him to Great Wold Lodge and took Case and I along! That was fun for sure for all of us! Don't look too close at Case's face... he looks scared to death! I promise he had fun! He LOVES the water so he really enjoyed the pools! Kaden and I had a blast on the slides and the lazy river! Love that kid so much... can not believe he is 10! My how time flies! 

Case is growing so incredibly fast... I find myself thinking about his 1 year birthday and although I am finding excitement in planning it, it is so sad to think he will be 1. He stands on his own all time. Takes steps when he feels like it, if we want him to he is a little less likely to comply! I guess that's pretty normal! He has 6 teeth and I am pretty sure he is about to get 2 more on top. As bittersweet as it is, he is almost completely weaned from breastfeeding. 


Christian got to go to Hawaii this summer with the band! He had a great time, he actually thinks he may move there after he graduates with his friends. I told him that was fine but in order for that to happen he would have to fly me there at least once a year to see him. He agreed, course I don't think he realizes the cost of living there is through the roof! I don't have many pictures of that trip yet, but this one is pretty funny, he expected a cute Hawaiian girl to put the lei around his neck, instead he got a guy... totally ruined that whole "I got lei'd in Hawaii!" thing!
He was super impressed with the water, how blue it was and the sea life too! He went snorkeling  thankfully it right before he got sea sick... poor kid spent the rest of the time on the catamaran hanging off the side throwing up! The band had a pretty tight schedule but I think it was well worth all the time Chris and I put into fundraising so that he could do this! I have to say though, the fact that my kid has been to Hawaii before me kinda stinks! 

Chris started a new job, not really one that he loves but does it anyway because that is what good dads do! We are praying that he will move on to consulting again soon. That really seems to be where his heart is when it comes to working. I am so thankful that I married the kind of man that wants and needs to provide for his family! I am also starting a new phase of my career, my Director will retire at the end of July and I will be taking on that position. It is amazing to me that I started here as a temporary administrative assistant nearly 8 years ago. It was a means to an end right after Chris and I moved back home after 3 years in Brownwood. Who would've thought that it would turn into this! All I can say is my family is blessed! 

So now, just some random pics of the family!                                                                                                                                                                                    My honey and I having dinner at Basin Burger house... we really like this place alot

Christian and Case at the last band concert of his Junior year of high school. This however is sore subject for me... I am not at all prepared for this kid to start his Senior year. Oh my goodness I am going to spend a lot of time crying this next school year!

this little guy likes to be naked! He traveled with me to a conference in Houston and the room had floor to ceiling windows... what better way to enjoy the view but to be naked while doing it... I think it would only be acceptable if you're 9 months old!

Another pic from Great Wolf Lodge... again Case seems freaked out! I really do promise he had fun!

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