Tuesday, March 19, 2013

7 Months 2 Weeks

Hmmm. I am seeing a trend here! (I really do intend to get better than monthly posts)

My sweet baby boy is growing so much. Just in the last month this little guy is changing! He's gotten 2 super adorable teeth on the bottom... he is so close to crawling its not even funny and he acts like he wants to walk... holy cow buddy boo slow down! We've started the 'child-proofing' phase in our house... like adding gates and outlet covers and sometime soon Chris gets to install cabinet locks. (he's definitely excited about that one!)

Spring Break has come and gone! We took our boys to San Antonio for a few days! It was pretty fun, explored the Natural Bridge Caverns, shopped quite a bit, ate alot, went to Sea World, the Alamo and the River Walk, and hung out with our friends Mandy, BJ and Jacob. It was a good time. Case did amazing, he actually paid attention to Shamu and the dolphins. I think he was enjoying being outside.

It was Kaden's first time to visit the Alamo. I think he liked it. I'm not sure what he was expecting but he didn't say he was disappointed! I sure was proud of this kid... he rode his first roller coaster. He was terrified on the ride, looked like he might pass out but he assured both his dad and I that he loved... I guess we really never know what he really thought but he did play it off well! I just love this boy, he is such a homebody, although he had fun, he couldn't wait to get home and play his beloved video games! An extra perk for him was that a new God of War came out and his awesome Dad had already pre-ordered it! (good job honey)

Christian couldn't be less interested... I don't think we could've paid him to ride... He is perfectly happy to be on the ground! I can relate to an extent... I used to feel that way but now love love love me some roller coasters! Christian is gearing up for Prom... ugh so not sure how I feel about this! I don't want this kid to grow up... like not at all. I can't imagine life with him not in our house, I know that is still a few years away but still so not ready.

So Ryan has had a rough couple months... hard on both Chris and I as well... he is in San Angelo and right now seems to be on a better track. He has a job at a sprinkler company and he says that he really likes, is making ok money and it staying in a half way house... I guess it could be worse, truthfully it has been worse. Atleast I know where he is and know that he's safe.

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