Friday, January 18, 2013

5 Months Old Already

Let me just say that this past 5 months have been the busiest time for my little family. Not only did we manage to have Thanksgiving and Christmas but we spent the time in between those 2 holidays with the whole family sick except for Chris. I think that Case, Kaden and I were all 3 sick at the same time and Christian was sick somewhere in the that time frame also. Case was tested for RSV and it was positive... probably what K and I had also. Case thankfully never got it bad, and only had to be on breathing treatments. Kaden ended up with Pneumonia on Christmas Eve with that being the only reason he didnt get admitted into the hospital. Poor kid had an oxygen saturation on 88% when normal is 98-100. It was quite the holiday season!

Thanksgiving was very quiet and laid back. Chris went to  Wyoming to spend the week with his dad, brother and new sister-in-law. So the kids and I went to McCamey with my sister and her family. Everyone had a great time but we were sure ready to see Daddy come home! I think he missed us too, but also enjoyed the no kid thing! 

Christmas was great, we I had lots of fun shopping for the boys and decorating the house! I think Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love all the decorations, the joy in giving, the family time... all of it! Chris enjoys the giving and the family time... that's about it! He stresses over the house being cluttered, (that's most of the time lately!) The boys had a great time, they got lots of cool things and enjoyed the break from school! Here we are in a new year, with a new baby. Life is GOOD!
Kaden opening his boots
kaden and his pile

Case and his pile plus the jumper he got!
Christian opening his shot gun!!!
his sophie the giraffe
new place to play!

Christian and his pile!

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