Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Time is FLYING by!

I can not believe my sweet baby boy is one. Where did this incredibly short year go? Oh my goodness I am so not ready to say this boy is 1. It of course is bittersweet since I love the stage that he is in right now. It is so much fun watching him grow and learn. He is walking everywhere and talking (sign language) and making us laugh daily. Its pretty easy to know when this kid is happy... he immediately gasps when he likes something or is excited!

So I am one of those momma's that gets super excited and into it for birthdays... especially first birthdays! I decided several months ago that I wanted to do a swim party and then in my many searches on Etsy and Pinterest it became clear that a pirate party was the way to go!
Pirate Christian and Captain Case

Super awesome pirate ship watermelon
First off... all pirates need a ship... so my sweet Kaydee (really she is Christians but I can claim her too!) and I built a fabulous pirate ship from cardboard! My mom made absolutely delicious cookies, cupcakes and of course and adorable smash cake too! But then we all know that swimming makes for hungry kids so we also had to have a pirate ship watermelon with lots of other fruits as well as goldfishies too! Anyways... my sweet baby boy had a blast and I think his friends did too. I am so excited for what is to come but sad that he is growing way toooooo fast.

The set-up

The Birthday Boy!

Daddy is really funny!

August is already coming to a close and its becoming clear that not only is my baby 1 but Christian will be a Senior and my little Kaden is not so little anymore as he will be in 5th grade and he is starting football this year. I am super excited about the football part not so much the 5th grade or the Senior part.

Christian gets to paint his Sr parking spot this year... I am kinda excited about that, it will be fun to help him mark his territory for his last year of high school. My how time flies...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Holy Cow... Its summer and Case is 10 months and 3 weeks old!

I  honestly don't know where all my time goes! I feel like we go non-stop and when there are minutes and sometimes an hour or 2 of free time, the only thing I really want to do is spend it hanging with the family! My house, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking and my blog have seriously suffered since welcoming our precious Case! Thankfully Chris and the boys are completely  mostly OK with it! I think as long as I can keep Dr. Pepper, cereal and milk in the house they wont rebel!

So... summer is here and we have been on several adventures already... at least some of us have! We haven't yet taken a real family vacation but it is on the calendar and the plans are in motion! Yay!

Kaden turned 10 last month and his Grandmommy took him to Great Wold Lodge and took Case and I along! That was fun for sure for all of us! Don't look too close at Case's face... he looks scared to death! I promise he had fun! He LOVES the water so he really enjoyed the pools! Kaden and I had a blast on the slides and the lazy river! Love that kid so much... can not believe he is 10! My how time flies! 

Case is growing so incredibly fast... I find myself thinking about his 1 year birthday and although I am finding excitement in planning it, it is so sad to think he will be 1. He stands on his own all time. Takes steps when he feels like it, if we want him to he is a little less likely to comply! I guess that's pretty normal! He has 6 teeth and I am pretty sure he is about to get 2 more on top. As bittersweet as it is, he is almost completely weaned from breastfeeding. 


Christian got to go to Hawaii this summer with the band! He had a great time, he actually thinks he may move there after he graduates with his friends. I told him that was fine but in order for that to happen he would have to fly me there at least once a year to see him. He agreed, course I don't think he realizes the cost of living there is through the roof! I don't have many pictures of that trip yet, but this one is pretty funny, he expected a cute Hawaiian girl to put the lei around his neck, instead he got a guy... totally ruined that whole "I got lei'd in Hawaii!" thing!
He was super impressed with the water, how blue it was and the sea life too! He went snorkeling  thankfully it right before he got sea sick... poor kid spent the rest of the time on the catamaran hanging off the side throwing up! The band had a pretty tight schedule but I think it was well worth all the time Chris and I put into fundraising so that he could do this! I have to say though, the fact that my kid has been to Hawaii before me kinda stinks! 

Chris started a new job, not really one that he loves but does it anyway because that is what good dads do! We are praying that he will move on to consulting again soon. That really seems to be where his heart is when it comes to working. I am so thankful that I married the kind of man that wants and needs to provide for his family! I am also starting a new phase of my career, my Director will retire at the end of July and I will be taking on that position. It is amazing to me that I started here as a temporary administrative assistant nearly 8 years ago. It was a means to an end right after Chris and I moved back home after 3 years in Brownwood. Who would've thought that it would turn into this! All I can say is my family is blessed! 

So now, just some random pics of the family!                                                                                                                                                                                    My honey and I having dinner at Basin Burger house... we really like this place alot

Christian and Case at the last band concert of his Junior year of high school. This however is sore subject for me... I am not at all prepared for this kid to start his Senior year. Oh my goodness I am going to spend a lot of time crying this next school year!

this little guy likes to be naked! He traveled with me to a conference in Houston and the room had floor to ceiling windows... what better way to enjoy the view but to be naked while doing it... I think it would only be acceptable if you're 9 months old!

Another pic from Great Wolf Lodge... again Case seems freaked out! I really do promise he had fun!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Photo Book

So this is what I spent hours (all for the love of my special man) working on for Chris for Father's Day! I am incredibly happy with how it turned out! He loved it too!

We are beyond blessed with the husband and Dad that God chose for our Family!

Photo books are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

7 Months 2 Weeks

Hmmm. I am seeing a trend here! (I really do intend to get better than monthly posts)

My sweet baby boy is growing so much. Just in the last month this little guy is changing! He's gotten 2 super adorable teeth on the bottom... he is so close to crawling its not even funny and he acts like he wants to walk... holy cow buddy boo slow down! We've started the 'child-proofing' phase in our house... like adding gates and outlet covers and sometime soon Chris gets to install cabinet locks. (he's definitely excited about that one!)

Spring Break has come and gone! We took our boys to San Antonio for a few days! It was pretty fun, explored the Natural Bridge Caverns, shopped quite a bit, ate alot, went to Sea World, the Alamo and the River Walk, and hung out with our friends Mandy, BJ and Jacob. It was a good time. Case did amazing, he actually paid attention to Shamu and the dolphins. I think he was enjoying being outside.

It was Kaden's first time to visit the Alamo. I think he liked it. I'm not sure what he was expecting but he didn't say he was disappointed! I sure was proud of this kid... he rode his first roller coaster. He was terrified on the ride, looked like he might pass out but he assured both his dad and I that he loved... I guess we really never know what he really thought but he did play it off well! I just love this boy, he is such a homebody, although he had fun, he couldn't wait to get home and play his beloved video games! An extra perk for him was that a new God of War came out and his awesome Dad had already pre-ordered it! (good job honey)

Christian couldn't be less interested... I don't think we could've paid him to ride... He is perfectly happy to be on the ground! I can relate to an extent... I used to feel that way but now love love love me some roller coasters! Christian is gearing up for Prom... ugh so not sure how I feel about this! I don't want this kid to grow up... like not at all. I can't imagine life with him not in our house, I know that is still a few years away but still so not ready.

So Ryan has had a rough couple months... hard on both Chris and I as well... he is in San Angelo and right now seems to be on a better track. He has a job at a sprinkler company and he says that he really likes, is making ok money and it staying in a half way house... I guess it could be worse, truthfully it has been worse. Atleast I know where he is and know that he's safe.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

6 months and 2 weeks

So here it is again one month later and I have lots to report! It has once again been super busy around and another round of sickness has passed through the house!

Case has had a big month... he started solid foods... so far the only thing he doesn't care for is peas! (I don't blame him!) He loves sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas and applesauce! He started out not really understanding what I wanted him to do but now, opens his mouth and even yells at for me for a bite! Its pretty cute. We are working on introducing him to sign language. So after every meal we do the sign for all done. He really watches my hands and I notice last night that he seemed like he was waiting for it. So smart!
Case, Grandmommy and I just got back from a week long trip to Florida.

My baby LOVES the beach! (smart boy) He really seemed to just have a fun time. Grandmommy kept him pretty busy, they spent lots of time outside! We took him to Downtown Disney and he people watched!

He got to meet his Aunt Renee for the first time. I think he probably loved her and her  Wisconsin accent! Lord knows he used to the West Texas hick accent!

Little man got this baseball hat which he actually likes to wear! He was such a trooper through the outlet malls!

Kaden and Christian have been keeping us busy as well... Kaden got all A's and B's on his report card. He has discovered his love for archery... so have Chris and Christian...  Its a good thing, we love being out doors and going to the shooting range and with the price of ammo right now, practicing on the bow is inexpensive and my boys love it... I guess its win win! Kaden is a pretty good shot and has always wanted to take archery at Kids Kollege. Christian got a 1 on both his UIL solo and ensemble. I am so proud of him and cant wait to see what he does at the state competition. He is also working at HEB which he really likes! Chris and I are just hanging in there... keeping up with the kids!

Friday, January 18, 2013

5 Months Old Already

Let me just say that this past 5 months have been the busiest time for my little family. Not only did we manage to have Thanksgiving and Christmas but we spent the time in between those 2 holidays with the whole family sick except for Chris. I think that Case, Kaden and I were all 3 sick at the same time and Christian was sick somewhere in the that time frame also. Case was tested for RSV and it was positive... probably what K and I had also. Case thankfully never got it bad, and only had to be on breathing treatments. Kaden ended up with Pneumonia on Christmas Eve with that being the only reason he didnt get admitted into the hospital. Poor kid had an oxygen saturation on 88% when normal is 98-100. It was quite the holiday season!

Thanksgiving was very quiet and laid back. Chris went to  Wyoming to spend the week with his dad, brother and new sister-in-law. So the kids and I went to McCamey with my sister and her family. Everyone had a great time but we were sure ready to see Daddy come home! I think he missed us too, but also enjoyed the no kid thing! 

Christmas was great, we I had lots of fun shopping for the boys and decorating the house! I think Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love all the decorations, the joy in giving, the family time... all of it! Chris enjoys the giving and the family time... that's about it! He stresses over the house being cluttered, (that's most of the time lately!) The boys had a great time, they got lots of cool things and enjoyed the break from school! Here we are in a new year, with a new baby. Life is GOOD!
Kaden opening his boots
kaden and his pile

Case and his pile plus the jumper he got!
Christian opening his shot gun!!!
his sophie the giraffe
new place to play!

Christian and his pile!