Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Birth Story Part 2

So here we are on the eve of this little guy turning 15 weeks old ... Where oh where has the time gone. He is fabulous, smiling and laughing all the time! We are head over heels for this guy.

Part 2...

So when our sweet boy came out, they took him quickly across the room because he was a little bit blue. Once they got him crying, the decided to take him to the nursery and get him some oxygen. She carried him to me, let me take a quick peek and give him a quick kiss and he was gone with the words... " he will be back in a couple of hours, he just needs a little help"
love at first sight!
So Chris decides to stay with me, and the nurses and Dr M go about getting me cleaned up and stitched up. I am completely numb from the waist down. Sometime after they have gotten the bed back together and me situated, the nurse comes back in and tells us that little man needed some help with his blood pressure and so they have taken him into the NICU to which at the very least he will spend 7 days. Talk about a complete and total shock. I am not a 100% sure when that actually sunk in. I couldn't even go and see him until my legs got feeling back. Holy cow this was not the birth I signed up for! At this point I am just heartbroken that my little guy is in this room with out me or his daddy to help him. the nurse comes in to tell us exactly what they think is going on. First, he indeed needed some blood pressure medicine and oxygen. He also was put on a broad spectrum antibiotic and had IV's in both hands. There was no way to no for sure when we would go home, anytime after 7 days. Chris tried to go see him and for some reason they wouldn't let him right then. It was sometime late in the afternoon when I was finally able to go. He looked absolutely helpless with all of these wires and awful machines around him. I had seen this before, twice. Once with Ryan who ended up with pneumonia at birth and then with my best friends little guy Jacob. I decided right there and then that I was not going anywhere with out him. Thankfully I have the absolute best husband in the world and he was a 100% on board with me staying and "rooming in" at the hospital. I did not leave the hospital except for a few times to go eat and to get some necessities from Target. My sweet hubby and precious Kaden stayed with me off and on to keep me company. How blessed am I? 
precious little man
he had quite a bit of hair
sucking on his tiny little finger
The visitor policy is quite strict and we were only allowed a certain number of people. Once the list was made, it couldn't be changed. Our parents and siblings were the only ones allowed to go. The age limit was 18. So only Ryan was able to go in and see him. It was so very hard on both Christian and Kaden.

I was in a sense, devastated, this was not the birth I planned or signed up for! I don't remember when I cried the first time. I think it was when I saw him looking so incredibly small and totally helpless. Needless to say, I shed a lot of tears during this little man's stay in the NICU. I cried for him, for me, for Chris, for his little friends around him, their mommies and daddies and for the nurses who seemed almost numb to the beeps and buzzes and cries of their little patients. It was an awful experience but a good one at the same time. I got to spend as much time with him as I wanted. I immediately started pumping so that when he could eat, he would get my milk. He got his first bottle at day 2. From then on, I went to him for every feeding. I think it was day 4 or 5 that I got to start nursing him.

We spent a total of 8 days in the NICU. He moved 3 different times. Once I started nursing him, we moved into a more private room so that he and I could nurse easier. Then we got to move upstairs. This was a great move into the right direction. The visiting ages changed so Christian got to finally meet his brother and feed him too! 
Completely Smitten!
His only problem now seemed to be his bilirubin. He just seemed to not be able to get the jaundice under control. The ironic thing is that breast babies seemed to get it worse even though the breast milk is the absolute best thing for them.  His last 2 days in the upstairs NICU I actually slept in the same room with him with very little interaction from the nurses. He was mine to care for and they only checked in 4-5 times for his vitals, diapers and blood draws. First they tried the light over him where he had to be blindfolded. It seemed to be working cause his numbers went down, but then they went back up. This poor baby finally ended up on a bilibed. Which seemed to do the trick. 
bright blue baby!
On our last night, Kaden finally got to come up to the NICU and see Case through the window. This little guy was 7 days old and his big brother had yet to actually see him except for in pictures.
Kaden finally gets to see him!
 They told us that before he could go home, I would need a 3 hour class and he would have to pass a 2 hour car seat test. I was like... lets do this already!! Once I was done with my classes and he was done with his test,we finally we got the OK to take this little man home with the promise we would go back in 2 days for a bili blood test... as this point I would've agreed to just about anything! I was so very ready to get him home as I know the rest of the family was too! I missed my boys and Chris. I missed my bed, I just missed everything! I know that I am probably leaving some things out that happened to Case during his 8 day stay in the NICU but the important thing is this little man is home. He's happy, healthy and just all around perfect!
In the carseat and ready to go!

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