Friday, October 12, 2012

Case's Birthday Part 1

Ive been working on this post for several weeks, as time allowed! As promised, here is part 1 of our birth story...

So we knew that our little man would probably arrive early. What we didn't know is that it would go so quickly when he did decide to make his debut. I saw Dr M on Thursday, Aug 2nd and he thought we would go another week. I was dilated to a 2\ 2.5. He was right, almost!

My nephew Braxtyn's birthday is August 8, I called him on the 7th and asked him if it would be OK with him if I had Case on his birthday and once he understood what I was asking, he said yes. He thought it would be cool! I of course never thought it would happen! But, it just so happened that later that night my contractions got stronger and closer together. Chris and I decided to go walking and see if they stopped or at least lessened. The contractions stayed pretty steady, so we called the hospital and they suggested that I lay down and see what happens. Sometime around 4 or so we headed to the hospital. When we got there, they of course checked me and put me on the monitor. Little man was still pretty active and so were my contractions. The nurse checked me, I was still a 2 maybe 2.5 which meant my cervix hadn't dilated any more. she mentioned that at shift change they would check me again and if there were no changes they would probably send me home. My thoughts were... "yeah right, over my dead body will I be going home!" Somewhere between 4 and 6 I felt a pop and my water broke. The nurse didn't believe me, she used some sort of paper to check the pH and it was negative. I knew it had broken, TMI but I could feel it coming out.

Finally sometime later, around 6 am which was way past shift change, the new nurse came in and I ask if they are going to check me again. When I  tell her that I really feel like my water broke she checks me... not only was I a 5 but sure enough my water had broken. Guess who was not going home! She actually tells me I might not have time for an epidural... Whoa what? By now my contractions are getting stronger and frankly starting to really hurt a lot! Thankfully the anesthesiologist made it and I got my epidural. Which by the way was much smoother and less painful than with Kaden in Brownwood. That epidural sucked. This guy was a talker, Chris and I learned way more about the personal lives of the staff than we cared to know for sure!

It all went really fast from there. I seem to remember her telling us that there was another mom that she thought would go first so she told Chris that he could go smoke and would have time to call our moms! I'm pretty sure my mom was already on her way by then. I think she left and came back and told me she wanted to do a couple practice pushes. I must've done really well cause next thing I know she is calling Dr M. and telling me to call Chris to come back to the room. I don't even think he had time to smoke! He met Dr M in the hallway! Once they got in the room, things started moving. The nurses took the bed apart, and I don't remember pushing for very long. I do remember his heart rate started to go down and they wanted to get him out quickly. Once he was out, they took him immediately to the table and started to work on him. My first glimpse of him, he looked blue. It was pretty scary. Once the weighed him, they told us they wanted to take him to the nursery and get him some oxygen and that they would bring him back to us in a couple of hours. I got to kiss him on his way out of the door. Somewhere in the middle of all that chaos my mom walked in and was able to be there right as he was born.

Happy Birthday sweet baby boy!

Case Matthew Gafford
6lbs 4.6oz
19.5 in
10:43 AM

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