Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Braxton Hicks

I've decided that I am not a fan of Braxton Hicks contractions. I have been having them for several weeks now but lately (as of last Friday) they seem like they're coming constantly. It's not necessarily painful just uncomfortable. I don't think that Baby Case likes them either. He seems to be pretty quiet when they are happening. I have been trying to time them, they're not super consistent but coming between 15-45 minute apart. Again, its just annoying at this point. Maybe a little worrisome simply because my back hurts off and on too. I go to the Perinatal Doc tomorrow where we will see baby boy one more time, we will also get a pretty good idea of how big he is and how he is doing. Then I see Dr. M on Thursday. I am hoping he will check me and make sure that nothing is going on with my cervix.

So we had our 3D sonogram last week. We got an amazing video of this little guy. Who knew that you could actually see him opening and shutting his eyes. He had his foot up near his face the entire time, it was pretty funny actually! This is the only picture that I have so far... I need to see if I can cut out a portion of the video and also post it on here. It was really cool to see a face and not a skeleton.

Sweet Baby Case 31 weeks

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