Thursday, June 28, 2012

30 Week Dr Visit and Little Ones Name!

So I just got back from my 30 week appointment... I can not believe we are 10 weeks away from meeting this little boy! It feels like its been a slow hard process but at the same time is flying by... I dont know if that is even possible but it is definitely how it feels!

So today Dr M must have been next door delivering a baby cause he was an hour and half late to see patients. Those poor nurses were doing all they could to keep up with the weighing and blood pressures. When I finally got in to a room and saw him, he said everything looked and sounded great. Little man is kinda laying sideways but definitely has his booty on my right side! He's moving all the time, sometimes I wonder if he isn't reaarranging things in there! I start seeing Dr M every 2 weeks now and then will move into once a week. I am scheduled for a 3-D sono next week, super excited about that since I have never seen one! It will be worth the extra money just to see his precious face and not a skeleton! We will also get a DVD which will be nice to share with everyone! I am super excited.

OK.... on to this little guys name... it was a long hard battle with my sweet husband and crazy boys but we finally decided on a name for this kid and I think we made an excellent choice.
His name will be Case Matthew Gafford! Woo Hoo... I love it!

The alternatives were everything from Crash to War Hawk... My guys just couldn't be serious! It was an adventure but fun none the less! Love those boys and their dad too!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Last Road Trip!

So on Friday we embarked on our last road trip as a family of 4 until this little guy gets here! We left around lunch time and got to the lake house around 5. Pretty uneventful trip, I think we only stopped once! (dad was impressed!)

Uncle Chad was already there and had gotten the boat out so that we could take a ride around the lake... I was hesitant but it was fun... I think the baby enjoyed the ride! He was pretty active! Christian and Kaden both drove and seemed to have a great time! The boys all stayed up late but I was worn out so went to bed fairly early!

Saturday we got up and hit the road to Arlington! The boys were pretty excited about the Ranger's game! By the time we got to town we were all starving! So what better place than In-N-Out Burger... Yummalicious.

Its pretty fair to say the boys were impressed too! The only downside was that it was busy and we had to sit outside to eat and it was HOT out! We checked into our hotel and headed to the game pretty quick after that... I didn't take many pictures, except of us! We figured out rather quickly that Christian is not a fan of crowds... he had a mini freak out when we first got there but recovered once we were in the stands. It was crazy packed but the Rangers won. We all had our fill of ball park food including ice cream which wasn't the greatest of ideas... but what do I know, I'm the just the momma!
The ride home was a little more stressful for at least me... I was definitely done with the cramped seat and pregnant belly! The great thing is that we had an amazing time, lots of laughs and giggles which makes my heart smile! Oh and little man officially has a name... more on that in another post!

Me and my handsome Christian

Daddy and Kaden

Me and my sweet Kaden

me and the best husband in the world

my awesome Rangers Maternity shirt

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

28 Weeks. 25 week board

So its been awhile... a long while! I've been unbelievably busy. Little man's nursery is ready, except for decorations and the bedding which is being made as I type this. I can't wait to get it all together!

Here are the 25 week boards I promised forever ago... Geez my belly is growing like crazy!

This weekend is Father's Day and so we are going on our last trip as a family of 4 to Dallas to see the Texas Rangers play and just spend some quality time as a family! We also plan on having a name for this little guy by the time we get home... We have several ideas just nothing for sure yet.