Tuesday, March 27, 2012

17 Week Update

Ive got a lot to say and all the time in the world to do it! UGH! I am back at home for the second week. Its been a real roller coaster lately. On our spring break trip we were having a great time til we had to make an unexpected trip to the emergency room. Once again my body was not handling this pregnancy so well. I came home on modified bed rest, saw the doc on Monday and he wanted me to stay home til I saw him the next week. Didn't make it that far, Thursday night I was in the kitchen and the bleeding started again. It was a lot of blood again. Spent a horrible 6 hours in the ORMC Emergency Room which in turn landed me in the hospital for 2 nights. I was released on Saturday afternoon and  sent home to be on modified bed rest again. Dr M said and I quote... "this is going to be a long pregnancy!" If it continues anything like the last few weeks, its definitely going to be.

On a happy note, everyday I feel this little one wiggling around and making his or her presence known! I am super excited to have that reassurance. Its nice to know that he or she is alive and well and moving and grooving! I am 100% confident that we will get this little one here. I fully trust in my God to do what he promised... he didn't promise it would be easy and that's OK. I am thankful that I have this amazing man who is with me through it all and supportive in every way he can. I know that this is emotionally and physically hard for him and I am so thankful that he is by my side. My sweet boys are being loving and caring and just keeping my spirits up!

Today its kinda loud in the house as we are starting on our garage remodel... the guys are here today and its quite a bit louder than it has been! I'm excited to get Christian moved into his new room and then we get to start on the nursery. Hopefully in about 3 weeks we will get to know for sure what this little one is and I can start planning. WOO HOO!!! I need to take some pictures so that we can see the before and after!

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