Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week 11, 12 and the beginning of 13!

Wow... it has been a super crazy couple of weeks. To start off my sweet grandmother spent a very long 8 days in the hospital.We thought in the beginning that she had a stroke. Thank God for answered prayers, because it just ended up being a nasty case of acute pneumonia. She is all better now! That same week we had our 11 week check up. Baby was a lot bigger and Dr. M was so happy with the checkup that he said he would see us in 2 weeks!  
look how much I've grown!

Singing "She's Everything"
Also that week was our trip to Lubbock to see Brad Paisley. I gave Chris and the boys tickets for Christmas. We had so much fun! It was really a good show and to top it off we were 3 rows from the extended stage so we up close and personal with Brad. His opening acts were Scotty Mcreery and The Band Perry which were both very good as well! 
This is County Music!

 Moving on... so last week was a holiday week which meant no school or work for me or the boys! Yay for that... Then the rest of the week was a little crazy. Our office was being painted so I didn't much time at work. Friday Kaden didn't feel well so I stayed home with him... And here we are on to the end of week 12 and the beginning of week 13. Some time this week I start my 2 trimester... its kinda confusing on how it all works... Either way I go back to the Dr next week and should hear the heartbeat for the first time... so excited about that! I found this really neat idea on Pinterest and knew that I wanted to do this... so here is the 12 week photo!

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