Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 10 and Florida

Well, its been a crazy week or so... Chris and I had a great time in Orlando. I didn't take many pictures... I guess because we've seen it all before or maybe we were just enjoying the alone time... It was a nice get away other than I had a couple bad nights with feeling rather yucky...

Our first night we stayed with Chance and Renee, had a nice dinner at Squid Lips. We got up the next day, made a stop at the beach

I, of course had to put my toes in the water! It was calling my name. I love how peaceful the ocean sounds and how calming it can be to just stare out at the waves rolling in. I could so live close to a beach... that it until hurricane season... No thank you!
We went shopping, several times... I even spent quite a bit at Motherhood Maternity... love their sales! Plus, my pants are getting a little tight! UGH!!

Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday, the commercials were a little disappointing but all in all it was a good game and thank goodness Brady didn't win... Chris would've been really upset! We had leftovers for dinner that night so we decided to order dessert from room service.

that's a red velvet cup cake!!!

The next few days I went to class and we just stayed in mostly... I did talk my sweet hubby into dinner at The Melting Pot. It was really fun, I very much enjoyed the conversation and the company. I got pretty lucky with my man! It was rather expensive but if you ask me, worth it! If you've never been, its a fondue restaurant. We got the 4 course option, spinach artichoke cheese fondue for the appetizer, a house salad, seafood, chicken and steak fondue for main course and the chocolate fondue for dessert. All I can say is its a wonder they didn't need to roll me outta there! I was quite the piggy!

Our main course...
We had a long day on our return trip, we both had to work the next day and have our first official OB appointment! Chris and I were really happy with our new doc. Dr M. He was patient, gentle and didn't seem to mind questions. It was nice to feel comfortable. We got to see the baby and he said he would like to keep a close eye on me until we hit the 2nd trimester mark which will be on Feb 28!It means more money but I guess in the long run it will be worth it! Baby was once again moving and wiggling! 
10 weeks
Tomorrow is the big reveal day on Facebook. Its Valentines Day and I thought it would be a neat day to do it! I guess we will see what happens!

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