Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Weekend

So this last weekend, Chris got a weekend away with his dad and brother... so me and the boys spent the whole weekend together! We really had a great time.

Friday night, we went out to eat at a new deli... The Smiling Moose Deli. It was our first and last time! We were not impressed. The crazy thing is that the boys and I love delis. Lots of times when its just us, our first  choice is either Subway, McAlisters or Jasons. Sadly the Smiling Moose wont make our list. After dinner we headed to Target, I needed a big plastic tote to put baby stuff in. (my sister is already shopping!!!) After that we went to Hastings and got a movie. We watched Crazy Stupid Love. It cracks me up that my boys will watch chick flicks with me. It was alright, nothing to rave about! Time with the boys though was awesome!

Saturday morning we got up and started out the day pretty lazy.I cleaned out 1 of the hall closets, organized the baby stuff I have in the tote and felt pretty accomplished! Christian had gotten enough money to get a new pair of shoes, Nike Air Max, so we had to make a trip to the mall after we had lunch at our favorite place...

Olive Garden. The boys and I love Italian food, Chris not so much! So that's another place we like to go when its just us! Yummo! After that we decided to go to a movie, but there was nothing showing in Midland that we could all agree on so off to Odessa. We saw Darkest Hour. Basically it was about an alien invasion and the young adults who saved the day! I don't really know why we chose that but it was decent! We headed home, Ryan spent the night and our sweet friend Sybil spent the evening with us as well. I made dinner and we watched another movie. This time it was Contagion. Another end of the world type movie only this time it was a disease.

Sunday shouldve been a lazy day but it wasn't. We met my mom in Odessa for lunch to drop off Ryan. (He's staying with her for awhile) Came home, Kaden went to his Grandmommy's house and I started laundry. Chris made it home late that afternoon and then he took us to dinner at Chilis. Again Yummo!

Whew... somewhere in all of that I managed to get a nap in everyday and cleaned out the other hall closet. I finally organized all my craft and gift wrapping stuff! Yay me!!!

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