Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crazy Dreams

I have woken up to the craziest dreams lately... I read somewhere that pregnancy does that to you but seriously... It seems that whatever I watch on TV the night before is directly impacting my sleep world...

Last night before I went to sleep I watched Pretty Little Liars... yeah those girls were all over my dreams... the crazy thing is that I don't really remember it now, I just remember waking up and knowing I was dreaming about Aria, Spencer, Hannah and Emily.

Night before last it was Sons of Anarchy and Brad Paisley. This dream I actually remember but sadly neither Jax nor the real Brad were present. Just SOA drama and Gemma! But just in case you were wondering why I was a little disappointed to not have either of those guys visit my dreams...



Before that it was some crazy creepy dream from the book I am reading...

I have my 7 week sono today. My sister and Chris will both be there. If all is well we are telling Chris' dad (Kevin) tonight as well. Lots of people already know either by accident or cause we've let the cat outta the bag a little early. We haven't told our niece Genesis yet, we were waiting to tell Kevin first. So tonight we will tell a few more but still not publicly announce it til we are 12 weeks.

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