Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Birth Story Part 2

So here we are on the eve of this little guy turning 15 weeks old ... Where oh where has the time gone. He is fabulous, smiling and laughing all the time! We are head over heels for this guy.

Part 2...

So when our sweet boy came out, they took him quickly across the room because he was a little bit blue. Once they got him crying, the decided to take him to the nursery and get him some oxygen. She carried him to me, let me take a quick peek and give him a quick kiss and he was gone with the words... " he will be back in a couple of hours, he just needs a little help"
love at first sight!
So Chris decides to stay with me, and the nurses and Dr M go about getting me cleaned up and stitched up. I am completely numb from the waist down. Sometime after they have gotten the bed back together and me situated, the nurse comes back in and tells us that little man needed some help with his blood pressure and so they have taken him into the NICU to which at the very least he will spend 7 days. Talk about a complete and total shock. I am not a 100% sure when that actually sunk in. I couldn't even go and see him until my legs got feeling back. Holy cow this was not the birth I signed up for! At this point I am just heartbroken that my little guy is in this room with out me or his daddy to help him. the nurse comes in to tell us exactly what they think is going on. First, he indeed needed some blood pressure medicine and oxygen. He also was put on a broad spectrum antibiotic and had IV's in both hands. There was no way to no for sure when we would go home, anytime after 7 days. Chris tried to go see him and for some reason they wouldn't let him right then. It was sometime late in the afternoon when I was finally able to go. He looked absolutely helpless with all of these wires and awful machines around him. I had seen this before, twice. Once with Ryan who ended up with pneumonia at birth and then with my best friends little guy Jacob. I decided right there and then that I was not going anywhere with out him. Thankfully I have the absolute best husband in the world and he was a 100% on board with me staying and "rooming in" at the hospital. I did not leave the hospital except for a few times to go eat and to get some necessities from Target. My sweet hubby and precious Kaden stayed with me off and on to keep me company. How blessed am I? 
precious little man
he had quite a bit of hair
sucking on his tiny little finger
The visitor policy is quite strict and we were only allowed a certain number of people. Once the list was made, it couldn't be changed. Our parents and siblings were the only ones allowed to go. The age limit was 18. So only Ryan was able to go in and see him. It was so very hard on both Christian and Kaden.

I was in a sense, devastated, this was not the birth I planned or signed up for! I don't remember when I cried the first time. I think it was when I saw him looking so incredibly small and totally helpless. Needless to say, I shed a lot of tears during this little man's stay in the NICU. I cried for him, for me, for Chris, for his little friends around him, their mommies and daddies and for the nurses who seemed almost numb to the beeps and buzzes and cries of their little patients. It was an awful experience but a good one at the same time. I got to spend as much time with him as I wanted. I immediately started pumping so that when he could eat, he would get my milk. He got his first bottle at day 2. From then on, I went to him for every feeding. I think it was day 4 or 5 that I got to start nursing him.

We spent a total of 8 days in the NICU. He moved 3 different times. Once I started nursing him, we moved into a more private room so that he and I could nurse easier. Then we got to move upstairs. This was a great move into the right direction. The visiting ages changed so Christian got to finally meet his brother and feed him too! 
Completely Smitten!
His only problem now seemed to be his bilirubin. He just seemed to not be able to get the jaundice under control. The ironic thing is that breast babies seemed to get it worse even though the breast milk is the absolute best thing for them.  His last 2 days in the upstairs NICU I actually slept in the same room with him with very little interaction from the nurses. He was mine to care for and they only checked in 4-5 times for his vitals, diapers and blood draws. First they tried the light over him where he had to be blindfolded. It seemed to be working cause his numbers went down, but then they went back up. This poor baby finally ended up on a bilibed. Which seemed to do the trick. 
bright blue baby!
On our last night, Kaden finally got to come up to the NICU and see Case through the window. This little guy was 7 days old and his big brother had yet to actually see him except for in pictures.
Kaden finally gets to see him!
 They told us that before he could go home, I would need a 3 hour class and he would have to pass a 2 hour car seat test. I was like... lets do this already!! Once I was done with my classes and he was done with his test,we finally we got the OK to take this little man home with the promise we would go back in 2 days for a bili blood test... as this point I would've agreed to just about anything! I was so very ready to get him home as I know the rest of the family was too! I missed my boys and Chris. I missed my bed, I just missed everything! I know that I am probably leaving some things out that happened to Case during his 8 day stay in the NICU but the important thing is this little man is home. He's happy, healthy and just all around perfect!
In the carseat and ready to go!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Case's Birthday Part 1

Ive been working on this post for several weeks, as time allowed! As promised, here is part 1 of our birth story...

So we knew that our little man would probably arrive early. What we didn't know is that it would go so quickly when he did decide to make his debut. I saw Dr M on Thursday, Aug 2nd and he thought we would go another week. I was dilated to a 2\ 2.5. He was right, almost!

My nephew Braxtyn's birthday is August 8, I called him on the 7th and asked him if it would be OK with him if I had Case on his birthday and once he understood what I was asking, he said yes. He thought it would be cool! I of course never thought it would happen! But, it just so happened that later that night my contractions got stronger and closer together. Chris and I decided to go walking and see if they stopped or at least lessened. The contractions stayed pretty steady, so we called the hospital and they suggested that I lay down and see what happens. Sometime around 4 or so we headed to the hospital. When we got there, they of course checked me and put me on the monitor. Little man was still pretty active and so were my contractions. The nurse checked me, I was still a 2 maybe 2.5 which meant my cervix hadn't dilated any more. she mentioned that at shift change they would check me again and if there were no changes they would probably send me home. My thoughts were... "yeah right, over my dead body will I be going home!" Somewhere between 4 and 6 I felt a pop and my water broke. The nurse didn't believe me, she used some sort of paper to check the pH and it was negative. I knew it had broken, TMI but I could feel it coming out.

Finally sometime later, around 6 am which was way past shift change, the new nurse came in and I ask if they are going to check me again. When I  tell her that I really feel like my water broke she checks me... not only was I a 5 but sure enough my water had broken. Guess who was not going home! She actually tells me I might not have time for an epidural... Whoa what? By now my contractions are getting stronger and frankly starting to really hurt a lot! Thankfully the anesthesiologist made it and I got my epidural. Which by the way was much smoother and less painful than with Kaden in Brownwood. That epidural sucked. This guy was a talker, Chris and I learned way more about the personal lives of the staff than we cared to know for sure!

It all went really fast from there. I seem to remember her telling us that there was another mom that she thought would go first so she told Chris that he could go smoke and would have time to call our moms! I'm pretty sure my mom was already on her way by then. I think she left and came back and told me she wanted to do a couple practice pushes. I must've done really well cause next thing I know she is calling Dr M. and telling me to call Chris to come back to the room. I don't even think he had time to smoke! He met Dr M in the hallway! Once they got in the room, things started moving. The nurses took the bed apart, and I don't remember pushing for very long. I do remember his heart rate started to go down and they wanted to get him out quickly. Once he was out, they took him immediately to the table and started to work on him. My first glimpse of him, he looked blue. It was pretty scary. Once the weighed him, they told us they wanted to take him to the nursery and get him some oxygen and that they would bring him back to us in a couple of hours. I got to kiss him on his way out of the door. Somewhere in the middle of all that chaos my mom walked in and was able to be there right as he was born.

Happy Birthday sweet baby boy!

Case Matthew Gafford
6lbs 4.6oz
19.5 in
10:43 AM

Monday, October 1, 2012

8 Weeks

Holy Cow my baby boy is about to be 8 weeks old. Hence the shortage on blog posts. This little man is the center of my world... his dad's too! I dont remember life before him, but I do think it might have been a little less busy!

Sweet Smiles

Between feedings every 3 hours, diaper changes and then fitting in time with the other boys and Chris its kinda non-stop but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. This little man is everything I was hoping and praying for...

On Friday we got a much needed rain day. Not only did our town get a much needed 4+ inches but it was a fun stay at home with the family kinda day!

Kaden and Case

Christian and Case

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Case Matthew is here!

Ive got a lot of catching up to do. Little man is here and is 2 and 1\2 weeks old already. He was born on August 8, 2012 at 10;43 am... 2 days after I posted about my baby shower... It happened really fast and kinda took us by surprise even though we knew it was probably going to happen sooner rather than later. I will post more on the whole birth story later. Right now we are just trying to settle into the new world of a brand new baby at home and those every 3 to 4 hour feedings.

Here are a few pics of our little man... he was a little sick when he got here and had to spend the first 9 days of his life in the NICU. But all is good now, he is home with us and doing great!

this was the first time we got to see him. very hard.

today, loving on this mommy!

My heart is full, forgot how easily that you could love  a kid so completely so quickly!

We pray everyday with thanksgiving for this sweet little miracle. We are truly and wonderfully blessed!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby Shower

Last Saturday, my sweet friends and sister threw an amazing baby shower for us! I can't begin to say how blessed we are with all of the incredible baby stuff we got! Little mans room is overflowing with baby gadgets and clothes! This little guy will not want for anything... just ask his daddy... He says he is the most expensive baby in the world. And he's probably right. Between the IVF, the high risk pregnancy, his nursery and his necessities... its turned into quite the expense. However I am absolutely positive he will be worth it!
Me and all of Baby Case's loot!
We had a pretty big turn out for the shower, I was extremely emotional for some reason! I am thinking on top of the hormones, it just occurred to me how long of a road we have been on and that we are closing in the finale! Speaking of the finale... Dr M has said that I am already dilated to a 2 and he will be surprised if we make it to 37 weeks. Today I am 36 weeks... so the countdown is definitely on and it would seem that we are going to be meeting this sweet guy sooner rather than later! Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!

Lauren, Jo Beth, Betty, Madeline, Kathy, Kaydee and Christian

Lisa, Rosa, Grandmommy, Debbie,

Baba, Joyce, Olivia and Yvette
My sweet grandma and cousin DeAnne
My hostesses outdid themselves for sure! I am extremely blessed to have each of them in my life! My sister, my best friend Mandy, and my good friends, Jo Beth and Lisa! They had cookies made to match the plates and napkins! They were absolutely adorable! We played several games... one of which was guess how big the belly is using toilet paper squares. 12 was the right answer~

love love love these cookies!

Jo Beth, Mandy, me, Lisa and Amiee

Check out my awesome hostess gift... love it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby Case's Nursery

This last weekend, my mom and I worked hard to get the nursery complete. It is except for hanging pictures and a shelf that I still need to order! When I say worked hard, we worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday to finish all the sewing as well as organizing clothes! Its crazy how much clothes this little guy has and he's not even here yet! He's gotten lots of hand-me-downs from our sweet friends the Martins!

So I think in a previous post I said that I found my inspiration for the nursery on Pinterest... (love that site!) So after finding the material on line and a sweet lady to sew the bedding, I finally got it back and mom and I went to work. She and I sewed all of the pillows and she sewed the curtians!

from the doorway looking in

his sweet bed!
glider and special pillow!

the sleepy parent daybed!
I couldn't be happier with the way the room looks! It makes my heart happy to walk by his room and see it so put together! It makes waiting for him to get here that much harder!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Braxton Hicks

I've decided that I am not a fan of Braxton Hicks contractions. I have been having them for several weeks now but lately (as of last Friday) they seem like they're coming constantly. It's not necessarily painful just uncomfortable. I don't think that Baby Case likes them either. He seems to be pretty quiet when they are happening. I have been trying to time them, they're not super consistent but coming between 15-45 minute apart. Again, its just annoying at this point. Maybe a little worrisome simply because my back hurts off and on too. I go to the Perinatal Doc tomorrow where we will see baby boy one more time, we will also get a pretty good idea of how big he is and how he is doing. Then I see Dr. M on Thursday. I am hoping he will check me and make sure that nothing is going on with my cervix.

So we had our 3D sonogram last week. We got an amazing video of this little guy. Who knew that you could actually see him opening and shutting his eyes. He had his foot up near his face the entire time, it was pretty funny actually! This is the only picture that I have so far... I need to see if I can cut out a portion of the video and also post it on here. It was really cool to see a face and not a skeleton.

Sweet Baby Case 31 weeks

Thursday, June 28, 2012

30 Week Dr Visit and Little Ones Name!

So I just got back from my 30 week appointment... I can not believe we are 10 weeks away from meeting this little boy! It feels like its been a slow hard process but at the same time is flying by... I dont know if that is even possible but it is definitely how it feels!

So today Dr M must have been next door delivering a baby cause he was an hour and half late to see patients. Those poor nurses were doing all they could to keep up with the weighing and blood pressures. When I finally got in to a room and saw him, he said everything looked and sounded great. Little man is kinda laying sideways but definitely has his booty on my right side! He's moving all the time, sometimes I wonder if he isn't reaarranging things in there! I start seeing Dr M every 2 weeks now and then will move into once a week. I am scheduled for a 3-D sono next week, super excited about that since I have never seen one! It will be worth the extra money just to see his precious face and not a skeleton! We will also get a DVD which will be nice to share with everyone! I am super excited.

OK.... on to this little guys name... it was a long hard battle with my sweet husband and crazy boys but we finally decided on a name for this kid and I think we made an excellent choice.
His name will be Case Matthew Gafford! Woo Hoo... I love it!

The alternatives were everything from Crash to War Hawk... My guys just couldn't be serious! It was an adventure but fun none the less! Love those boys and their dad too!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Last Road Trip!

So on Friday we embarked on our last road trip as a family of 4 until this little guy gets here! We left around lunch time and got to the lake house around 5. Pretty uneventful trip, I think we only stopped once! (dad was impressed!)

Uncle Chad was already there and had gotten the boat out so that we could take a ride around the lake... I was hesitant but it was fun... I think the baby enjoyed the ride! He was pretty active! Christian and Kaden both drove and seemed to have a great time! The boys all stayed up late but I was worn out so went to bed fairly early!

Saturday we got up and hit the road to Arlington! The boys were pretty excited about the Ranger's game! By the time we got to town we were all starving! So what better place than In-N-Out Burger... Yummalicious.

Its pretty fair to say the boys were impressed too! The only downside was that it was busy and we had to sit outside to eat and it was HOT out! We checked into our hotel and headed to the game pretty quick after that... I didn't take many pictures, except of us! We figured out rather quickly that Christian is not a fan of crowds... he had a mini freak out when we first got there but recovered once we were in the stands. It was crazy packed but the Rangers won. We all had our fill of ball park food including ice cream which wasn't the greatest of ideas... but what do I know, I'm the just the momma!
The ride home was a little more stressful for at least me... I was definitely done with the cramped seat and pregnant belly! The great thing is that we had an amazing time, lots of laughs and giggles which makes my heart smile! Oh and little man officially has a name... more on that in another post!

Me and my handsome Christian

Daddy and Kaden

Me and my sweet Kaden

me and the best husband in the world

my awesome Rangers Maternity shirt

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

28 Weeks. 25 week board

So its been awhile... a long while! I've been unbelievably busy. Little man's nursery is ready, except for decorations and the bedding which is being made as I type this. I can't wait to get it all together!

Here are the 25 week boards I promised forever ago... Geez my belly is growing like crazy!

This weekend is Father's Day and so we are going on our last trip as a family of 4 to Dallas to see the Texas Rangers play and just spend some quality time as a family! We also plan on having a name for this little guy by the time we get home... We have several ideas just nothing for sure yet. 

Monday, May 14, 2012


I cant believe its been so long since I have written. I guess it would be fair to say that life has been super busy lately. I had my last conference trip for the year... went to Charlotte, NC. I would like to go back to that area with my family again. It is beautiful and there are plenty of places to explore! I got back on Thursday and Chris and I left on Friday for a 10 year anniversary trip to San Antonio. It was a great weekend get-a-way. Its funny, every time we go away we always wonder why we don't do it more often. He picked a great hotel near the downtown river walk, we ate outside as often as possible and really enjoyed each other's company. We also shopped til we dropped literally. I was exhausted. We both got great anniversary gifts, the baby got new furniture and the other boys got lots of other goodies.

My diamonds (the band)
us after 10 years

After 10 years I still love this man with my whole heart. We've been through alot but have always found our strength in each other. Don't get me wrong, there are days I wanna smack him upside his head but then there are days where I look at him and remember exactly why I fell in love and just fall deeper! He is an amazing very handsome husband, great dad and step dad, funny entertainer, the strict parent so I don't always have to be, the provider and my best friend.
So I will be 24 weeks pregnant tomorrow. WOW! I can't believe it! We've come so far. Its was so scary for a little while, now he is super active and growing big, at least my belly is! I know what I am doing for the nursery, its just a matter of talking to the lady who I want to make it and ordering the material. I am so excited to paint his room and get started on it! I plan on taking a belly pic either today or tomorrow!

Next weekend is Kaden's 9th birthday. We are having a swimming party at his Grandmommy's house! It should be lots of fun. I can't believe my baby will be 9. He has brought me endless joy and I love that kiddo more every day. (even on the days he drives me crazy!)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Gender Reveal...

And it looks like we are adding another sweet little boy to our house... He was loud and proud with his boy parts at our 20 week sonogram... Chris had training day that he couldn't get out of so my sister and best friend both got to be there with me as we got the news.  Kaden had a dentist appointment that morning so he got to go also. He mentioned on the way home how real it seemed now. I think he was pretty fascinated, he was definitely paying attention and noticed things like his spine!

 Its super exciting to finally know what this little one is. I am completely OK with another boy... I know boys, I know what to expect, I know what to do with them and all their silliness! He is a blessing straight from God and I couldn't be happier...

his boy parts all loud and proud!

I love this... he was pointing with his tiny little fingers
Guess I won't have to change my blog name after all!

19 week Board

Heres my 19 week board, course tomorrow I will be 21 weeks so Im kinda behind...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back at Work and Couldn't be Happier!

I went back to work on Monday and I gotta say I couldn't be happier to be getting up at 6:15 and going on about my day! It feels good to be back in my office even though this little one doesn't seem to like the sitting at my desk thing!

On a really exciting note, when I went back to work, there was really big news waiting for me. I am now the Assistant Director of Communications. This is big news for several reasons... one, being that its the direct path to becoming the Director next year with out having to go through the outside hiring process next. Two, it means that all this worrying about time off because of this pregnancy shouldn't interfere with my goals!

The garage remodel is going on full force around us... not as fast as Chris and I would like but at least its being done and done right... I hope! I decided on Saturday to paint the game room and man has that been an undertaking. Its freaking ridiculous that I will be on my fourth coat of paint tonight. UGH!

On the baby side of things... we are 18 weeks today and all is going well, its been well over a week since our last bleed and there has been very minimal spotting. Baby is moving and grooving everyday... Sometimes it takes me by such surprise. I mean I know I am pregnant... its kinda on my mind all the time but it sure brings a smile to my face when I feel this little one doing its little dance! I do hate the awful awful awful heartburn that I have. It seems never ending. So over it! I will take my 18 week pic tonight... Can't believe we have come so far! We will find out for sure what we are having on the 18th. Kaden is super excited, as we are going to let him go with us! We may have to put a sock in his mouth to keep him quiet! He is such a talker... Its so funny how much this kid has to say!

Other news... our next door neighbor is pregnant also... She's about 6 weeks ahead of me and they are having a boy! Its so exciting to know that we will have little ones so close in age. We definitely need to make a better effort at hanging out with them!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

17 Week Update

Ive got a lot to say and all the time in the world to do it! UGH! I am back at home for the second week. Its been a real roller coaster lately. On our spring break trip we were having a great time til we had to make an unexpected trip to the emergency room. Once again my body was not handling this pregnancy so well. I came home on modified bed rest, saw the doc on Monday and he wanted me to stay home til I saw him the next week. Didn't make it that far, Thursday night I was in the kitchen and the bleeding started again. It was a lot of blood again. Spent a horrible 6 hours in the ORMC Emergency Room which in turn landed me in the hospital for 2 nights. I was released on Saturday afternoon and  sent home to be on modified bed rest again. Dr M said and I quote... "this is going to be a long pregnancy!" If it continues anything like the last few weeks, its definitely going to be.

On a happy note, everyday I feel this little one wiggling around and making his or her presence known! I am super excited to have that reassurance. Its nice to know that he or she is alive and well and moving and grooving! I am 100% confident that we will get this little one here. I fully trust in my God to do what he promised... he didn't promise it would be easy and that's OK. I am thankful that I have this amazing man who is with me through it all and supportive in every way he can. I know that this is emotionally and physically hard for him and I am so thankful that he is by my side. My sweet boys are being loving and caring and just keeping my spirits up!

Today its kinda loud in the house as we are starting on our garage remodel... the guys are here today and its quite a bit louder than it has been! I'm excited to get Christian moved into his new room and then we get to start on the nursery. Hopefully in about 3 weeks we will get to know for sure what this little one is and I can start planning. WOO HOO!!! I need to take some pictures so that we can see the before and after!

Friday, March 16, 2012

15 weeks pic

Here is my 15 week board and picture...  

I think that my boobs may have rubbed off part of the e in weeks... Geez!

We're off on a end of Spring Break weekend trip. Headed to the lake and a surprize in Dallas on Saturday. I found a 50% off coupon for Midieval Times... I am so excited. Kaden and Christian have both been but K was like 2 months old and C was around 8. It was actually what he wanted for his birthday... my oh my little boy was so cute... so grown up now! Soon to be 16 and I am not so happy about that! I will post pics soon!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

15 Weeks Today

Wow... once again its been super crazy. Last week would've been the perfect time for me to update but I couldn't find the energy or the words. I was on bed rest which sucked... completely. A week ago Saturday I was working at the MHS garage sale with Christian. We were almost done with our shift when I felt this gush of something... checked and it was blood. It felt like immediately our whole dream was over... Thankfully Christian rushed me to the ER and after a couple hours we knew little one was OK... saw him\her on a sonogram and then heard the heartbeat! I saw Dr M on the following Monday and he set me up with a Perinatal Center to get a specialist's opinion. As of right now, it looks like we are on our way to recovery.

We saw the specialist yesterday. He was nice, but it was a very long visit. First I had to do the mountain of paperwork... took me like 20 minutes. Then I had to do the yucky part, weight and blood pressure. After that, it was the nurse's turn to ask me my history... its get so old repeating that stuff over and over! After that it was the genetic counselors turn when she literally drew a family tree outline of me and Chris and our extended family. Finally it was time to see the sonographer. One of the specialized services this place offers is high resolution sonograms. We got to see our sweet baby and all of its sweet little parts. From the brain to the finger and toes! She and the Dr both felt like baby was good, all of the measurements and such were right on. He did see a couple places along my uterine lining where there was evidence of bleeding. He said it should heal on its own and that it was really a wait and see kinda thing.

We also got an educated guess as to what this little one is... looks like the first guess is a boy! Which is all well and good... I know how to do boys. I know that I can love them like no other... If I say so myself, I am pretty good at mothering little boys. There's nothing more than the feeling of being their whole world. We will get another look at this little one in a few weeks and get a better look at the "goods" to know for sure what our little blessing will be!

I know there is probably more that I need to add to this but my brain is in a little bit of a funk... kinda on overload with the last week or so. I plan on taking week 15 pics tonight so that I can post that maybe tomorrow!

Psalm 127:3
Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.
(I know Ive already used this one but I love it!)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week 11, 12 and the beginning of 13!

Wow... it has been a super crazy couple of weeks. To start off my sweet grandmother spent a very long 8 days in the hospital.We thought in the beginning that she had a stroke. Thank God for answered prayers, because it just ended up being a nasty case of acute pneumonia. She is all better now! That same week we had our 11 week check up. Baby was a lot bigger and Dr. M was so happy with the checkup that he said he would see us in 2 weeks!  
look how much I've grown!

Singing "She's Everything"
Also that week was our trip to Lubbock to see Brad Paisley. I gave Chris and the boys tickets for Christmas. We had so much fun! It was really a good show and to top it off we were 3 rows from the extended stage so we up close and personal with Brad. His opening acts were Scotty Mcreery and The Band Perry which were both very good as well! 
This is County Music!

 Moving on... so last week was a holiday week which meant no school or work for me or the boys! Yay for that... Then the rest of the week was a little crazy. Our office was being painted so I didn't much time at work. Friday Kaden didn't feel well so I stayed home with him... And here we are on to the end of week 12 and the beginning of week 13. Some time this week I start my 2 trimester... its kinda confusing on how it all works... Either way I go back to the Dr next week and should hear the heartbeat for the first time... so excited about that! I found this really neat idea on Pinterest and knew that I wanted to do this... so here is the 12 week photo!