Thursday, December 29, 2011

It looks like we might be preggers!

I took my first blood beta HCG test on Tuesday at 8 am. Got the call around 11:55 that it was positive. The # was a little low, 17.8 to be exact. Now, the minute she said it was positive, I was over the moon happy but then she says... but the number is a little low. Immediately all of the wind in my sails was gone. I know that its stupid because I have been working very hard on having faith in the process and trying to remember how every door has opened. Right down to the money. We really didn't think it would be possible til February or March of 2012~

We have been very blessed in the whole process. My body responded well to the meds, I  produced more follicles than expected and even got 20 eggs on retrieval day... that in itself is amazing. We ended up with 12 that were healthy and good little oocytes! We transferred 2 and have 4 frozen for later... Thank you God for the many blessings!!! Having said all that, Chris has been super optimistic and faithful in this whole process. I have been too, to an extent~ I have been and still am afraid. I am sitting on pins and needles right now waiting for the office to call and tell me whether or not my numbers went up... more specifically doubled!

Before I had a chance to publish, I got the call... my numbers doubled. We are now at 34. I will take that for sure! I will repeat again next Tuesday which will be in 5 days... I am guessing it should've changed alot by then!

Chris Tomlin " I lift My Hands"

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