Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving and shots aplenty

So its been awhile... mostly cause I've been super busy. Between shots everyday, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and my normal routine, I am exhausted!

 I did have all of my little family together on Thanksgiving and it was great! I noticed Ryan was pretty quiet and so I asked him why and said he had forgotten how busy our house is! It's pretty funny since he used to be add to it! I did get a few pictures of us all together.
of course nothing serious at first

This might just be our Christmas card!

My how my family has changed! love love love these guys! Can't believe we are in the process of adding another one (or two)haha, Chris just kidding!

I went to the Dr today for my base line sono. I got a call tonight saying everything looked good, my estrogen was normal. I start the Follistim on Wednesday... hope the shots will get easier cause as of right now they are not... the last 2 days I haven't been able to give them to myself. Thank goodness I have a good hubs and he's willing!

I'm working hard on getting my Christmas shopping done, I really only have Christian left plus stocking stuffers! Yay me! I've got the family tree up, still need the momma tree! All in all it was a great holiday week.

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