Monday, October 24, 2011

Where did my week/weekend go?

So its Tuesday and i cant for the life of me decide where last week went... although i do remember all the stuff I managed to shove into it! Lets see... 2 baseball games with munchkin man, 1 dumb football game on Friday, we lost and yes I am bitter! UIL Contest on Saturday, we got a division 1, which is the best and of course awesome.

So Saturday I put my creative hat on and made this super cool door swag garland thing for my sister... Yeah I am pretty proud of myself. My sister is super excited to pick this up and put it around her front door. Now that I have made 1, it seems like I may be making more for some of my friends! Can you say extra money???

So I started out with 2 grapevine garlands attached together at the top. I used pipe cleaners to attached gold poly mesh 15' wide ribbon to the garland

Next, I added 4" fall mesh ribbon into the same pipe cleaners and also used floral wire to attach the scarecrows

Here's where i got creative, I made some bows out of the fall mesh ribbon and also used different floral picks to add some color to the top and the bottom

I still felt like something was missing so I added more gold mesh to the top and also 2 more bows.

So I will end it here saying that I am super happy where my life is at right now, busy and crazy but like I have said a million times... "I wouldn't trade this for anything" Chris and I are super excited for the path that we are on and the huge leap of faith we are about to take. God has truly blessed me with a great husband, handsome talented and healthy boys, and a great support system all around!

John 1:16
From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.

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