Friday, September 2, 2011

Its Friday!!

So its Friday... and for most people that just means its the last work day before the weekend, normally that's all it is for me too but... this Friday is important because its the first Friday night high school football game of the season... Which is one of my very most favorite things.

I LOVE me so Friday night football!!!

I think it just runs deep in most people from West Texas but for me its really deep. I grew up going to football games. I have memories from elementary school going to football games. I love the atmosphere, I love watching those boys play with everything in them, I love the band, I love the crowds excitement, I think I just love everything about it! I even love it when its freezing outside and I cant feel my hands or my butt cause its so cold... It doesn't even have to be my alma mater or Chris' for that matter. I will always cheer for OHS (Go Bronchos) but now I am a MHS Bulldog all the way!

There's just something about the game that makes me happy! One of mine and Chris' first dates was to a high school football game! (its probably why I fell for him!!) I love that its something we enjoy together!
The interesting thing is that when God blessed me with 3 very amazing boys somehow they didn't get my love of football... Really! However I did get a Friday night lights drummer which is the next best thing... My Christian is on the Midland High Drumline and he just so happens to be pretty darn good!

this is from last year

Needless to say... the next couple of months, my Fridays will be awesome! I always look forward to school starting just because I know that means I will get to go watch football!

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