Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anatomy of a Haircut

So my kiddo Christian has had long hair for several years... I think we were going on 3-4 years, at least since 7th grade sometime! He's a sophomore now! Can I just say the he's a handsome kid, (yes I know that I am partial) and I personally have liked his hair for the most part! Last weekend he mentions several times that he's been thinking about cutting it... of course Chris can barely contain his excitement because he has hated the long hair... doesn't matter that it was the style, he HATED it! As a matter of fact, I knew that he would be disappointed if all the talk was just talk.

So he came home from school on Monday to go to the doctor, which we find out that he has strep throat... but he's still talking about a haircut. I realize that I probably need to encourage him to make a decision and act once he does... strep or not! He finally says... "lets do this"... so this momma acted! Course, then he got nervous! Needless to say, he got through it and actually loves his new hair!

I still cant get over how much older and mature he looks! Yesterday we went to the DPS and got his permit... my sweet little boy is not so little anymore! I sure love this kid, he is precious in every way. I cant wait to see where he is going to go!

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