Saturday, August 13, 2011

More from San Diego

I thought I would add some more pics from San Diego. I cant believe its been close to a month since we got back. Kaden talks about it alot, he really did have fun. There are a ton of pics... which makes it hard to pick which ones to share.
This was our first full day there.

3 years ago Christian and I found this really neat little pizza place in Seaport Village on the bay... I try to go back every year so this is me and Kaden waiting for our pizza!

I have this exact picture of Christian from our trip! Gotta love it!

We toured several boats, this one was a schooner that was really cool.

Kaden trying out one of the beds on a submarine!

Also every year we go to Coronado Island on Sunday for their concert in the park. These people know how to set up, its really interesting to watch locals with all their food. This year the band was really neat, they played all types of music!

Mom and I waiting for the band to start!

 On our second full day, I had arranged to rent a car and drive to LA for the day, I had several surprises in store for Kaden. We of course went to the walk of fame, to see the Hollywood sign, the La Brea tar pits and to Santa Monica Pier.

Kaden with his favorite magician. We also saw Micheal Jackson's star and lots of hand and foot prints at Mann's theater!

This was on display at the wax museum..

the La Brea tar pits, it was pretty neat to see the bubbles. It smelled pretty bad though!

This was one of the surprises, my boys and I love Iron Man. This was one of the locations used in Iron Man 2. The minute we pulled up K knew exactly where we were. We got donuts for the morning and talked to the staff who told K all about Robert Downey Jr!

No trip to LA is complete without a stop at Rodeo Dr... even with a little boy. While we were there, we ate at Sprinkles cupcakes. Yummo!

Last, before our drive back to San Diego, we stopped at Santa Monica Pier. It was pretty chilly by then but we made sure to walk to the end and check everything out. K played a few games on the boardwalk.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Its been a while!!!

Its been awhile... but I've been super busy! I leave again in a couple days for back to back conferences with like 2 days home in between so I have been doing my best to spend quality time with the family as well as get them all ready for school.

Summer band is in full swing. Christian has practice twice a day, thankfully we are giving 'big' Christian gas money to take our Christian back and forth! He and I went to Dawg Days yesterday... my sweet little boy is officially a Sophomore. It just doesn't seem possible! I am very proud of the young man he is growing up to be!

I saw Ryan on Tuesday, its rather sad how little we talk anymore. I guess its part of him being on his own and part not wanting lectures on jobs and diabetes. Still makes me sad that we don't talk very often. I miss him but I know this is part of the whole letting your child be an adult thing...

My sweet baby Kaden is going to be in 3rd grade... Holy guacamole it doesn't seem like it was that long ago that we were bringing the little munchkin home from the hospital. He sure is a good kid, always got a silly smile on his face and trying to make the people around him laugh. God sure is good!

Chris is really loving his new job and it seems to be going really well. We certainly are blessed!