Monday, July 25, 2011

San Diego with my little man

So its been a while, a long while I know. Ive been crazy busy with work and catch up after my work (vacation) week in San Diego! Kaden and I had a great time. He was very surprised at the airport... a little speechless until we got on the plane and then he talked the ENTIRE way to Vegas and pretty much from Vegas to San Diego. He was so excited I bet he said thank you 2700 times!

I walked that poor little guys legs off... Our first day we had dinner in the Gas Lamp outside! We woke up fairly early and spent the day around the harbor and the evening on Coronado Island. They have a great concert in the park on Sunday evenings. Kaden had a blast seeing submarines and statues in the harbor and then exhausted himself at the park that evening!

checking out the surrounding area through the periscope!

showing his momma some love!

We were super tired after our first full day but let me tell you I had a whole lot more up my sleeve for Monday! I was so excited to show this kid all the things I love about San Diego! 

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