Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alone time with my hubby!

So Chris and I packed up the truck and left for a long weekend away! We spent Friday night at PK lake with Chad and Genesis! Started out as a nice quiet evening... then it was drama straight off the tv show Cops. Genesis loves driving the four wheeler and so she asked if she could take me for a ride...  I agreed, cause I enjoy talking to her! She's a hoot! So, yeah it was fun til the 2 drunk old ladies next door decided we looked like their driveway and they drove right into us! Needless to say, my normal calm and composed demeanor went out the window and I was a screaming, cussing, pissed off Aunt! Once that drama was over, we really did have fun.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the Dallas Ft Worth area for a Texas Rangers game! Lots of fun! The stadium is ahh-mazing!! You can see anywhere you sit!

Here's a pic of me and my handsome hubby at the game!

Sunday morning we got up late and then went shopping! Yeahhhaa! My baby knows me well! After we did a little damage at Grapevine Mills Mall we had lunch at an awesome place called Cozymels! They have the coolest little table top computer thingy. You can play trivia, check movie times, see the whats happening in the news and then best of all at the end you can pay for your meal and print out the receipt! Chris was in awe!!! We finally headed back to PK, where we had the lake house to our self! We spent some time driving around dreaming about our own lake house! There are some really pretty houses! Some of the roads were a little scary, Chris laughed at my death grip on the door and console! Don't ask me why but i have this fear of cliffs and a cars...

Monday, we had a pleasant drive home, only to then have a couple more days alone cause the boys were with their Grandmommy at Great Wolf Lodge.

All in all it was a great holiday weekend with some much needed alone time for us!

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