Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tomorrows the day!

I am super excited that tomorrow is the big day for surgery! I am going for pre-op in a little bit. Course it could all change like last time and I don't think I will believe its happening til I got the IV in my arm and I am getting the loopy stuff! That's always a fun time for Chris! Man I love my hubby. Hes such a good guy. Hes willing to spend his birthday with me in the hospital! We are going to the lake this weekend though so he will get to have some fun and he got an awesome new handgun for his big day!

Speaking of that we went to the the gun range this last Sunday, took Christian's sweet little girl friend Kaydee with us. I really enjoy her, she's so sweet but man she never knows what she's gonna hear when she hangs out with my crew! She got to hear about farts after dinner. This is my life!!!

On a great and happy note, baby Jacob is doing well. He is a fighter and already has me wrapped around that itty bitty finger!

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