Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good News\ Bad News

Well... the good news is that my hcg levels are back at zero and I will be having a scope surgery next week to check for blocked fallopian tubes... the bad news is that I had an 8mm cyst on my right ovary and it ruptured... Can I just saw OUCH!!!

It was definitely the most painful think I have ever been through... and that's saying alot because I have had several rupture...

Anyways back to the good news. Sometime in January I had an HSG done to check the patency or flow of my tubes after the ectopic pregnancy... it wasn't good news or so we thought. It appeared that both of my tubes were blocked and that my only options may have been IVF or adoption. Dr Young referred felt I should see a specialist so ... We are back to seeing Dr Bello and she is the one who will be doing the scope next week. She feels like everything will be ok and that we will still be able to get preggo!!! YAY!

Can I just say that my GOD is so good and even when I am impatient, doubting and negative he comes through and I see my dreams coming true again...
Thank you God for loving me and my family and being on our side!

A dear friend of mine told me that she felt a need to tell me to read 1 Samuel 1:1-20... Its beautiful and it lifted my spirits.

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