Thursday, November 4, 2010


I am praying for patience...

I am 2 days late but not getting the coveted positive result I am looking for on those pesky little pee sticks! Which is frustrating to say the least! Whats up with my body... sore boobs, bloated tummy and serious hormone issues... all with nothing to show for it yet!!!!!!!!

I prayed for patience this morning so I am going to trust that either the yucky aunt flo will show or that pretty little line will!!! Either way I will be grateful for all that the Lord has blessed me with thus far! He really is amazing and giving. Ryan made it to 18 and I am so thankful! He has a job and hopefully a new desire for living healthy! Christian and the MHS band made it to the finals and tied for 5th place to go to State... but didn't win the tie... But that's ok because I couldn't be prouder for them. MHS is in the playoffs and they will play thier first game at Texas Tech Stadium... (boo) Kaden lost another tooth and has discovered (much to my delight) his love of reading! Chris is overworked but likes his job, he just got a raise. I love my job and I also got a raise!

Like I said I am blessed!!!!! Thank you God for my abundant blessings!

From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. John 1: 16

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