Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So I had an epiphany... if you can call it that! I've been doing all this talking about trusting God, but still using a calendar that i found on the web. Wow what does that say about my trust?

Well I know the answer to that question... it says I don't really trust that God knows best. I said those words but was still trying to help him out... It doesn't work that way and I know that so what really was I thinking...

This is my problem... giving over everything to God has always been hard for me... I have a hard time with this in a lot of areas in my life... I don't even like to let Chris do laundry cause I have a certain way i like it done. Jeez am I a control freak? Yes I am

"Hello, my name is Vonda and I am a control freak!"

Sadly I don't think there is a CF Anonymous anywhere. Dang it! Well the moral to this little post besides admitting I have a problem is to say... OK, here goes... we are just going to try to have a baby. NO calendars and no second guessing what God's plan is. Just going for it! I will continue to pray that God knows mine and Chris' heart and that he will bless us his way not control freak Vonda's way!!!

But blessed is the man who believes in, trusts in, and relies on the Lord, and whose hope and confidence the Lord is. Jeremiah 17: 7

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  1. I am so so so glad that I got this in writing....on the internet....forever. If you think I won't use your admission of guilt against you.....YOU ARE WRONG. I love you, controling or not.