Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trying is fun... Waiting is not!

Waiting to see 2 pink lines or the words pregnant just isnt near as fun as the trying to get pregnant part. Actually it just stinks all the way around. I wish I had patience because it would be so to my advantage right now.

I am making the decision right now to have faith, trust in God that he knows whats best for me and my family and that if it his will for us to get pregnant it is going to happen. So this will be my prayer...

Father God, I am giving this to you, I am trusting in you to know whats best for me, for Chris and for our boys. I am giving my desire and want for a tiny baby girl to you. Please father if it is your will, let it be done. You are most gracious and loving and giving. I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you for all that you already give me and my family.
In your most holy name,

I already feel better!!!!!!!!!

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