Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Month Post Surgery!

Can I just say that whew... so glad that's over! Surgery went really well, Doc was super happy with the results! Recovery was a little rough but well worth it!

So now... all we gotta do is try.

Here's where I seem to be feeling kinda silly. I've never had to try and get pregnant... its always just happened... with the 3 boys it was... oh wow, I'm pregnant! Actually with Kaden it was OH MY GOODNESS I AM PREGNANT!!! We were not prepared or really ready for that step but 6 almost 7 years later I wouldn't trade that little man for the world! It was such an OMG moment that I think we took like 3 tests all of which Chris was sure I had done wrong or they were broken. Finally one expensive EPT test later Chris took my word that in fact we were gonna have a baby! What an amazing journey each of my pregnancies have been. I am so excited to go on that journey again if God does bless us with that miracle one more time!

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