Saturday, January 16, 2010

We have a GO!

Well it seems that we officially have the GO to get surgery... Everything went well with the "test"! Well on my part anyway! Dr. B's nurse called and said all we gotta do is pay in full and then schedule surgery! She said that we are a good candidate for tubal reversal!!! YAY us!

Now if it would only be January 31st! We now have to wait on Income tax to fund this deal! I think we are both a whole lot more excited than either of us will admit... well I admit it cause its ok for me too but Chris has to be all tough and stuff! We have told Ryan and Christian basically what has to happen and they are all on board! Kaden is on board simply cause he is excited about having someone to boss around!

So I will be traveling for the next few weeks... gotta go to Rochester and Nashville. I am hoping that by the time I am back we will know how much money we are getting back and also on the way to scheduling surgery!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Beginning

So its no secret to anyone we know that I really want a little girl... The hard part for everyone will probably be that I actually convinced Chris to work on trying again! OK, again anyone who knows us also knows that

  1. I had my tubes tied after our little one, who is now 6.

  2. Chris has said on more than one occasion no... actually it was more of a HELL NO!

  3. We have 3 boys... the odds are seriously stacked against us!!

So... now after a horrible last year... we are onto a new year... yay for 2010. We are also on the quest for a baby. OK yes we would both love to say we are 100% going to have a baby and it will be a girl but for reality's sake I will just say that we are well into looking at our options... We have already seen the Doc... Dr Bello... she rocks! She gave us the options and success rates... tubal reversal, IVF, and of course there is adoption. We have talked long and hard about it and decided that we are going to go with tubal reversal. I think one of the reasons I really like Dr Bello is that she really seems to be in her profession for the right reasons. She's not there to play God, she's simply there to help couples fulfill their dream of becoming parents. When we asked her about sex selection in IVF... she told us that she didn't do that in her office, she knew Doctors that did and she would be happy to give us their names but she couldn't offer us that option. I don't know why but that was what made me say OK... we can trust her and she will do her best to make sure we have every base covered if we make this decision.

I have already had the procedure that checks if my tubes are a candidate for reversal... Hysterosalpingogram or HSG. It was as uncomfortable as the name is to say!!! Basically its an xray with dye that checks where my tubes were clamped and if there is enough available to reconnect. The good news is that they are and now we are on to step 3. This one will be the uncomfortable one for Chris... I wont even go into specifics... I will just say Semen Analysis. He has an appointment next week. The main reason he has to do that is that last year he had surgery that required abdomen incisons and there is a possibility that those incisions could have messed up with his swimmers!!! (my personal thought is that Dr B feels like the man has to go through something!) Just Kidding!

So... I will continue to blog through out our experiences... Chris likes to remind me pretty often that practice makes perfect for when we do get to start officially trying! I promise to not make too many references to the practicing...